Our Aim


Welcome to the website of the Antique Metalware Society (AMS). Past users of the website will notice several improvements and enhancements, the main difference being the inclusion of a gallery of items, described below; more new features will be added in the future. Members of the AMS are urged to register with the website (via the Members menu item above) so that they can be accredited with Society membership and have their access privileges upgraded to allow full use of the website’s features.


The Society’s aim is to increase the knowledge and promote the appreciation of base metal objects of all kinds and historical periods. “The term “base metal” encompasses a whole variety of non-precious metals, including copper, brass, iron, bronze, steel, nickel, zinc and lead, which have played a vital part in the development of human society since the earliest times..”  Unlike precious metals, these humbler materials were closely involved at every level of society and in every aspect of daily life.  Surviving artefacts from different historical periods, ranging from distant antiquity to times still within living memory, are a source of informative, fascinating and often surprising insights into the everyday lives of our forebears.


This website contains a Gallery designed to display a live catalogue of examples of base metal items that represent the interests of members of the Antique Metalware Society. Click on the Gallery menu option in the main menu above, to access the items using a list of groups of categories within the gallery. Based upon the Society’s on-line exhibition, “Touch Base”, that was first displayed during 2016, the Gallery contains several newly published items and more will be added once submissions have been vetted by a team of the Society’s experts. Once this trial website becomes fully operational, guests who register with the website will automatically receive email notification whenever new items are published in the Gallery. AMS members are encouraged to submit items for possible display in the Gallery.

Whilst AMS members, who have registered with this website, will be able to view high resolution images of all the Gallery items, non-members will be limited to viewing low resolution images of newly published items. Joining the AMS is easy, inexpensive and also permits additional website functionality including viewing past copies of the Society’s newsletters and feature items published occasionally. To join, please follow the link or menu item, Join Us!

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