The Antique Metalware Society publishes a journal annually and hard copies of the latest edition are distributed to members. Referred to as the Journal of the Antique Metalware Society (JAMS), back issues are available for purchase at £12 each, and more information on their content may be viewed by following the sub-menu item to “Journal – Issue Contents”.

As well as a copy of the Journal, members receive two Newsletters, titled “Base Thoughts”, per year.

Several AMS members are leading experts in their field of study and have published authoritative books on such topics as bronze cooking pots, rush lights, paktong, firebacks, candlesticks and marks on brassware:

AMS Authors

  1. Ashley, R (dec’d)., 2001. The Rushlight and Related Holders: a Regional View. ISBN 0954009002 Marlborough, Ashley Publications
  2. Bangs, C., 1995. The Lear Collection: a study of copper-alloy candlesticks A.D. 200 – 1700. ISBN 096422240X Easton, PA, King’s Hill Publications
  3. Butler, R., Butler, V., Bollen, N. & Green, C., 2001. A Study Collection of Marked Domestic Brass and other Base Metalware c.1600 – c.1900 Honiton
  4. Butler, R., & Green, C., 2003. English Bronze Cooking Vessels and their Founders 1350 – 1830. ISBN 0954605004. Honiton
  5. Crawforth, A. J., 2011 in Deeley 2011 (op cit)
  6. Deeley, R., 2011. The Cauldron, the Spit and the Fire. ISBN 9780947870737 . Gold Cockerel Books
  7. Finlay, M., 1990. Western Writing Implements in the Age of the Quill Pen. ISBN 1872477003. Plains Books
  8. Finlay, M., 2006. The Mining and Related Tokens of West Cumberland. ISBN 9781872477015. Plains Books
  9. Finlay, M., 2010. English Decorated Bronze Mortars and their Makers. ISBN 13 9781872477022. Plains Books
  10. Finlay, M., 2014. Pastry Jiggers and Pastry Prints. ISBN 13 9781872477039. Plains Books
  11. Hodgkinson, J., 2010. British Cast Iron Fire Backs of the 16th to mid-18th Centuries. ISBN 9780956672605. Crawley, Hodgers Books
  12. Koldeweij, E., 2001. The English Candlestick: 500 years in the development of base metal candlesticks. ISBN 0903432587 London, Christies Books
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