Category: Ephemera

Trade cards, advertisements, articles and other temporary documents relating to historic metalware manufacturers.

Ronald Macdonald

  Ronald Macdonald published an advertisement in The Caledonian Mercury on 9th Jul 1741. It would appear that, before he emigrated to America and went into the catering business, he was a manufacturer of...

Henry Hartley

Henry Hartley’s trade card identified him as a “Smith to His Majesty” working in Bruton Mews which was near New Bond Street in London. The coat of arms is that of George III which...

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, an Ironmonger from Stamford in Lincolnshire, published an advertisement in the Stamford Mercury on 24th April 1729 in which he listed what was probably the entire range of his stock:

Aaron Peever and Robert Delzier

Aaron Peever, a founder from Newcastle, moved to Edinburgh and advertised that fact in The Caledonian Mercury on 7th October 1740. Three years later, Aaron Peever appears to have been working in partnership with...

William Packer

The brass founder William Packer advertised his move from Bristol to Newcastle in the Newcastle Courant newspaper on 3rd April 1725:

Robert Robson

Robert Robson of Wigton in the county of Cumberland posted the following advertisement in the Newcastle Courant newspaper on Saturday the 20th of February 1725:

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