The 2020 Edition of the Journal of the AMS issued August 2020

The new edition of the AMS Journal has now been published.


    • Surpassing Midas: English Cut Steel, 1740-1830. Angus Patterson.
    • Jean Démosthène Dugourc: A Life by Design. Susan R Kinsey.
    • Engineers’ Brasswork: Industrial Folk Art of North-East England 1860-1914. Peter Brears.
    • A Skillet Handle on a Fireback. Jeremy Hodgkinson.
    • Brass Skimmers, Ladles and Slices of the late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries and their Makers’ Marks. Roderick and Valentine Butler, Christopher Green, Neil Bollen.
    • The Liverpool Sailors’ Home. Stephen McKay.
    • Medieval Eating Knives in England. Simon Moore.
    • English Brass Warming Pans. Malcolm Jones.
    • Reflections on a Celtic Mirror from Holcombe, Devon. Nicholas Riall.
    • Some Rare Medieval Spoons. David Moulson.
    • The Brass Eagle Lecterns of England (Marcus van der Meulen). Christopher Green and Roderick Butler.
    • The Art of the Door Knocker (Garry C Scroop). Diana Crawforth-Hitchins and Andrew Crawforth.
    • The Museum and The Factory: The V&A, Elkington and the Electrical Revolution (Alistair Grant and Angus Patterson). Martin Levy.

AMS members may also view errata and some additional material that they may find of interest by using the menu system or by following this link:  Journal Additional Material.

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