Following the Antique Metalware Society’s successful online exhibition during 2016, it has decided to integrate the exhibition into the structure of its website, and dynamically extend the content, so that it may become a valuable reference resource.  Initially based on three major groups of items, the groups will be split into categories as more items are added.

Click on one of the following Gallery Groups to display thumbnail links to items in that group:

  • Domestic, Food, Drink and Cooking
  • Ephemera
  • Fire, Light and Hearth
  • Miscellaneous (none of the above)

    The Society welcomes contributions for inclusion in the Online Gallery. Please read the guidelines below and contact the using the format given in paragraph 8 below.

    Guidelines for Contributions to the Online Gallery

    1. Images of base metal objects may be submitted by members of the Antique Metalware Society (‘the Society’) for inclusion in the Society’s online Gallery. Such objects should normally be at least 100 years old. It is hoped to provide as wide and varied a selection of examples as possible, so contributors should avoid multiple submissions of near-identical objects, as well as those which duplicate objects already in the Gallery. Please note that arms and armour, and objects made of pewter, are excluded from the Society’s remit.

    2. Photographs should be submitted as colour digital images. They should be at least 3000 by 2000 pixels in resolution and the object should fill the majority of the image. They should be taken against a bright – preferably white – background, free of other objects and furnishings and without shadows. Each image should show a single object: no group shots except in the case of pairs or sets. Contributors are responsible for establishing permission to reproduce images where appropriate.

    3. Each submission should include a brief descriptive text in the appropriate format (see 8 below).

    4. The acceptance of objects for inclusion in the Gallery is at the Society’s absolute discretion. Any contribution may be declined, or subsequently removed from the Gallery; in either case the Society may provide a reason, but is not obliged to do so. All submissions are subject to peer review and texts may be edited for both style and content. An edited text is made available to the contributor before an object is accepted. In the event of an edited text being disputed by the contributor and failing an agreement, the Society will decline the submission.

    5. The Gallery is not to be used for commercial purposes. All contributions are published anonymously and should contain nothing in the nature of sales or advertising, either of the object itself or of any commercial or professional activity by the contributor. If it appears to the Society that an object already published in the Gallery has been contributed with a view to offering it for sale, it may be removed without notice. These conditions also apply to comments posted in relation to Gallery objects by other members of the Society and any comment which appears not to comply will be declined or removed.

    6. The Society will not disclose the identity of a contributor without authorisation. Anyone wishing to contact the contributor of an object in the Gallery should contact the Website Manager, providing contact details and the reason for the enquiry. The enquiry will then be passed on to the contributor, who may decide to authorise disclosure, or to deal with the enquiry directly.

    7. By submitting an object for inclusion in the Gallery, the contributor consents to its publication by the Society and accepts the conditions in these Guidelines. A contributor may withdraw an object from the Gallery at any time by written application (e.g. by e-mail) to the Website Manager. Fourteen days should be allowed for the object to be removed.

    8. Format for submission:

    a. Description of object

    Name of object
    Country of origin
    Present location

    b. About the object – up to 250 words explaining its use, production method, provenance and significance.

    c. References

    d. Contributor’s details (not for publication or unauthorised disclosure)


    e. Images, including the number of images supplied.

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