The English Candlestick 1425-1925

Eloy Koldeweij has very kindly agreed to allow the AMS to publish an electronic version of his book, “The English Candlestick 1425-1925”.  It is viewable to AMS members only on this website once they have registered their membership with the webmaster and have logged in. It is also necessary to give special recognition and thanks to the owner of the collection on which this work has been based, and who has generously agreed for it to be made digitally accessible on the AMS website.

Instructions. As the book is quite large, it has been necessary to split it into several chapters, each of which can be selected by hovering the mouse pointer over the appropriate menu option that allowed you to visit this page, then clicking on the required submenu item to its side. Move between chapters using the same technique.

Non-members may view an example of the book below.  If you would like to join the AMS and view the complete book, as well as other unique content of interest, please follow this link – Join Us!

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