The Journal, Vol.2, 1994

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  • The Mysterious John Fathers – Potcaster, by Roderick and Valentine Butler
  • Mediaeval Workers of Copper Alloys and their Products, by Roger Brownsword
  • Cooking Pots and their Contents, by Peter Hornsby
  • The Influence of Dr Christopher Dresser on Metalware Design, by William Clegg
  • The Flanders Bell, by Alex R Neish
  • Wrought Iron, by Roger Brownsword
  • The Badges of the Edinburgh Caddies, by Alex R Neish
  • An Eighteenth Century Sorcerer’s Wand, by Robert A C Duff
  • The Cannie Kirk, by Alex R Neish
  • Researching Patents, by Peter Hayward
  • Situations Vacant, by J R Millburn

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