The Journal, Vol.3, 1995

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  • Birmingham Steel Tobacco Boxes, by Donald L Fennimore
  • Note on Inscriptions on English Warming-pan Lids, by Christopher Bangs
  • Brass Pinmaking in the West Country, by Joan Day
  • Neale Mortars, by Roger Brownsword
  • Scientific Tests to Authenticate Antiques with Particular Reference to Metalware, by Peter Hornsby
  • Addendum: Wrought Iron, by Roger Brownsword
  • Some North-Country Bushel Measures and their Use, by Michael Finlay
  • A German Bronze Aquamanile, by Christopher Bangs
  • Liberty Metalware, by Jennifer Hornsby
  • Book Review: Domestic Metalware 1640-1820, by Rupert Gentle and Rachiel Feild
  • Book Review: Brass and Brassware, by David Eveleigh

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