The Journal, Vol. 5, 1997

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  • Marked English Cabinet Handles and Knobs, by Donald Fennimore
  • A Group of Mediaeval ‘brass’ Flagons, by Roger Brownsword
  • Evidence for a Mediaeval English ‘brass’ Industry, by Roger Brownsword
  • An Eighteenth Century Provincial Founder and Brazier: Roger Rice of Bristol, by Roderick and Valentine Butler
  • Wedding Knives; the Golden Age of English Cutlery, by Simon Moore
  • Trade Card: John Brailsford, Cutler
  • Pilgrim Tokens, by Peter Hooper
  • Book Review: Marks and Markings of Weights and Measures of the British Isles, by Carl Rickets with John Douglas
  • Tinder-Boxes, Strike-a-lights and Fire-Steels, by Andrew Crawforth and Danny Robinson
  • Lacquered Brass Work in 1834, by Dionysius Lardner

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