The Journal, Vol. 6, 1998

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  • Polished Steel Wares of Woodstock – Anthony North
  • English pre-Reformation Eagle-lecterns – Roger Brownsword
  • Trade Card – James Tallman
  • EK: an 18th Century Candlestick Maker Unmasked – Roderick Butler
  • Contemporary Comment, 1870 – Ralph Heaton
  • Mediaeval Harness Pendants – Michael Finlay
  • Book Review: “Metalwork in Early America. Copper and its alloys from the Winterthur collection”, by Donald L Fennimore – Keith Pinn
  • Book Review: “Decorative Ironwork”, by Marion Campbell – Amina Chatwin
  • Book Review: “Antique Weights, The Nineteenth Century”, by Norman Biggs – Diana Crawforth-Hitchins
  • Large Contracts – Timothy Garrard
  • Domestic Hearth Equipment a study of development in England from 1550 to 1850 – Andrew Crawforth
  • Miniature Fireplaces – Monyca Douglas

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