The Journal, Vol. 10, 2002

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  • West Country Chandeliers and their Makers – Robert Sherlock
  • Book Review, “Copper and Bronze in Art”, by David A Scott – Paul T Craddock
  • Work Rates in 1805
  • Pewterers and Braziers – A Dual Trade? – Ronald F Homer
  • Contemporary Comment, 1503 – Roderick Butler
  • Earliest Recorded Edward Neale Mortar – David Pearsall
  • Some British Medieval Copper-alloy Mortars – J Michael Finlay
  • Book Review, “A Study Collection of Marked Domestic Brass and other Base Metalware, c1600-c1900”, by Roderick Butler – Peter Hayward
  • Disc-base Candlesticks with Pillar Stems in Brass – Jan Gadd
  • An Unusual Pear-shaped Brass Teapot – Garland Pass
  • Highland Brooches – D Caldwell, K Eremin, J Moran, J Tate & P Wilthew
  • Antwerp, the Entrepôt – Some Mysteries Explained? – Roger Brownsword
  • Iron Inlaid with Braze
  • De-silvered Copper Ingots from Central Europe – Paul T Craddock
  • Savealls – John Douglas
  • Brief Thoughts on Ewers
  • Manufacturing Practices and Decorative Processes – Neil Bollan
  • H and Harrison – the Final Link – David Pearsall
  • More on Savealls

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