The Journal, Vol. 13, 2005

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  • “Surrey” Enamels Reattributed, Part 1. Claude Blair
  • French Plating. Tonny Beentjes
  • Some Early 17th-Century Gloucestershire Pewterers. Andrew J. Crawforth
  • Bronze-Founding in 17th-Century Somerset: Documentary and Archaeological Evidence. Christopher Green & Roderick Butler
  • Brass-Mounted Hangers from the Hounslow Sword Mill. Anthony R.E. North
  • Architectural Metalwork from the Magpie & Stump. Megan Thomas
  • Anglo-French Candlesticks. Andrew J. Crawforth
  • Scottish Traditional Gunmaking. David Caldwell
  • Some Petty Gentry and Their Brasses: 1450-1650. Fergus Cannan
  • The Belinda Gentle Metalware Gallery at the V&A. Angus  Patterson

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