The Journal, Vol. 16, 2008


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  • Brass Basins and Bowls from a Single Nuremberg Workshop around 1500-80. Jan Gadd
  • Early Ecclesiastical Hand-Bells in Ireland and Britain. Cormac Bourke
  • A Fourteenth-Century Latten Ewer from Tong Castle. Dr Roger Brownsword
  • Some London Makers of Chandeliers. Robert Sherlock
  • The Mount Edgecumbe Irish Bronze-Age Horns. Cynthia Gaskell Brown
  • The Gloucester Candlestick: Ongoing Research. Catia Viegas Wesowlowska and Stephanie Seavers
  • The Gloucester Candlestick: A Case for a Gloucester Provenance. Roderick Butler & Christopher Green
  • The Penton Mewsey Bell. John Isherwood
  • A German Puzzle Padlock. Anthony R. E. North
  • Hidden Histories: Uncovering the Secrets of James Dixon’s Britannia Metal Goods. Rachel Conroy
  • A Sound Conscience is a wall of Brass. Angus Patterson
  • Scandal 2: The Return of the Relief. Eric Turner

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