The Journal, Vol. 17, 2009

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  • Ornamental or Useful: a Cut Steel Chatelaine by Boulton and Wedgwood. Sinty Stemp
  • English Roasting Jacks, Part I: Weight-Driven Spit Jacks of the 17th Century. Tony Weston
  • Inscribed Park Gate Keys: Some Clues to Social History. Diana Crawforth-Hitchins
  • ‘The Brass Caps’: Germanic Military Headgear from the American War of Independence. Matthew Keagle
  • Irish City Standards. Andrew J Crawforth
  • A ‘Tentative’ Classification of Rope Lighters. Jürgen Weiner
  • A Timely Acquisition: A Matthew Boulton Pattern Book at the V&A, ca 1779. Angus Patterson
  • Storage and Handling of Scabbards: Advice for Collectors. Donna Stevens

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