The Journal, Vol. 19, 2011

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  • Ambition and Plagiarism? Unpicking the Design and Manufacture of an Unmarked 19th Century Ornamental Brass Dish. Ann Eatwell
  • Domestic Metalware in a 17th-century Parsonage: From the Journal of Giles Moore. Christopher Green and Roderick Butler
  • A Family of Highland Blacksmiths: The Macnabs of Barachastlain. Fergus Cannan
  • Two Pairs of Bronze Candlesticks in the French Baroque Manner. Geoffrey Draughn
  • Why Shave?: A New Acquisition of a Pair of mid-19th-Century Razors at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Rachel Church
  • Free from Censure: A Communion Token from the Scots Church, London Wall. Ruth Mason
  • English Roasting Jacks, Part 3: Non Standard Weight-Driven Spit Jacks of the 18th Century. Tony Weston
  • The Pompeian Lady Plaque. Angus Patterson
  • Images in Steel: The Art and Craft of Etched Decoration Rosie Mills
  • A Kettle Tilter or Lazy-back. Andrew J. Crawforth
  • A Cap-Decapper Diana Crawforth-Hitchins
  • Book Review: ‘British Cast-Iron Firebacks of the 16th to mid 18th Centuries’ by Jeremy Hodgkinson. Keith Pinn

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