The Journal, Vol. 20, 2012

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  • Pre-Restoration Iron Firebacks. Jeremy Hodgkinson
  • Brass in Bristol: The Baptist Mills Company in 1711. Christopher Green and Roderick Butler
  • Anthony Christian and the French-Plating Trade in 18th-Century London. Peter Cameron
  • Pewterers, Coppersmiths or Founders? Alan Collins
  • Fashionably Dated: A ‘Landsknecht’ Candlestick at the Victora and Albert Museum. Jemma Davey and Angus Patterson
  • “The Case Of The Proprietors Of The Birmingham Canal Navigation, Relative To Charles Colmore Esquire, 21st January 1771”. Alistair Grant
  • The Perfect Marriage of Art and Industry: Elkingtons and the South Kensington Museum’s Electrotype Collection. Angus Patterson
  • Book Review: Old Sheffield Plate:A History of the 18th Century Plated Trade (Gordon Crosskey). Eric Turner
  • Book Review: English Decorated Bronze Mortars and their Makers (Michael Finlay). Ann Hutton

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