The Journal, Vol. 21, 2013

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  • Identifying ‘ID – With a Crown Above’, Peter Cameron
  • Apotropaic Symbols on Cast-Iron Firebacks, Timothy Easton and Jeremy Hodgkinson
  • A Trifle from Ranelagh, Geoffrey Draughn
  • Investors in New Technology: Michael Faraday and Edward Barnard and Sons, Ann Eatwell
  • The ‘Clanranald Anvil’, Fergus Cannan
  • Hand-Made in Sheffield, Charles Ormrod
  • The Rise and Fall of Clockwork Tinplate Novelties, Kristian Volsing
  • Welcome to the Underworld: A Door Stop Designed by John Bell, Eric Turner
  • Night Bolts: Remotely Controlled Bedroom Security , Roderick Butler and Christopher Green


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