The Journal, Vol. 24, 2016

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  • 1 Chairman’s Introduction / Editor’s Introduction – Christopher Green / Frances Parton and Angus Patterson
  • 2 – From Pigs to Dragons: English and Welsh Japanned Metalware 1730 – 1780 – Yvonne Jones
  • 20 – Head, Hand and Hearth: A Fireplace by C. F. A. Voysey – Whitney Kerr-Lewis
  • 26 – The Brass Chandeliers of King’s Lynn Town Hall – Robert Sherlock
  • 36 – The Problem of Reproduction Brassware: John Jewsbury and Pearson-Page – Geoffrey Smaldon
  • 42 – Modernity Broadcast: An Electroformed and Enamelled Perfume Burner by Elkington & Co., 1873 – Angus Patterson
  • 48 – A British History of ‘German Silver’: Part II: 1829 – 1924 – Alistair Grant
  • 80 – Book Review: William Wallace, The Lure of the Key – Andrew Crawforth

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  1. interested in Journal no 24 – repro brassware article.
    Is this something you can email or can I purchase a copy?

    Patrick Lloyd

  2. Unfortunately, copies of the Journals are not available in digital format at the moment, but if you contact the Secretary at the email address above, he may be able to provide you with a hard copy. Regards.

  3. We’re working on providing on-line Journal content to AMS members. In the meantime, try looking at the “John Jewsbury & Co Catalogue” that is available to AMS members already.

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