Copper Coffee Pot

Material: Copper with tinned interior and wicker-covered handle
Dimensions: Height: 27.4cm / 10 ¾in, Width (incl. handle & spout): 26.7cm / 10 ½in
Place of Origin: England
Date: 1800 – 1820
Maker or Retailer: Unknown
Present Location: Private collection


This early 19th century coffee pot in the Adam style has survived in an unusually good state of preservation, retaining both its original dark-brown lacquered patination and its wicker-covered handle.


The vase-shaped body and loose lid are formed from sheet metal and the body is seamed vertically beneath the handle.  Other parts, including the spout, handle and base, are cast.  The base is connected to the body by a rivet-type joint.  The interior of both pot and lid is tinned.


  • For a similar pot which has been polished and lost the wicker covering from its handle, see Peter Hornsby, The Arthur Negus Guide to British Pewter, Copper and Brass, Hamlyn Publishing, London, 1981, ISBN 0 600 34217 4,  p. 135, fig. 96

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