Hanging Cooking Pot

Material: Leaded bronze with wrought iron handle
Dimensions: Height: 11.3cm / 4 ½in, Diameter: 21.5cm / 8 ½in
Place of Origin: Probably England
Date: Dated 1710
Maker or Retailer: Unknown
Present Location: Private collection


This loam cast, leaded bronze hanging skillet or cooking pot has a wrought iron bail handle (probably a replacement). The base is slightly convex, with a rounded sprue.


Typically of English loam-cast skillets and unlike Continental European examples, the finish of the loam casting has not been cleaned off. On one side towards the top is the cast inscription ANN x A x 1710.


This type of pot would have hung over the fire, like a cauldron, for cooking stew or vegetables.


  • Roderick Butler and Christopher Green, English Bronze Cooking Vessels & Their Founders. ISBN 0954605004

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