Hanging Salt Box


Material: Copper
Dimensions: Height: 26cm / 10 ¼in, Width: 17.5cm / 6 ⅞in, Depth: 16.8cm / 6 ⅝in
Place of Origin: Northern Europe, possibly Scotland
Date: Dated 1769
Maker or Retailer: Unknown
Present Location: Private collection


This salt box is made of sheet copper; it has a hinged lid and is designed to hang on the wall. It is seamed at the rear and the hinge is attached with hand-rolled copper rivets.


The body is decorated with two embossed bands of rope gadrooning and engraved between them are the initials .i.c.s. and the date 1769.


The lid has engraved and punched decoration including a Maltese cross.


Salt was a vital commodity for cooking and preserving food. The salt box, more often made of wood than metal, would be hung or placed close to a fire or range to help keep the salt dry. Large lumps of salt were pounded down with a pestle and mortar to produce granular salt for the table or smaller, more manageable lumps for cooking.

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