Dutch Warming Pan

Material: Brass
Dimensions: Length: 101.7cm / 40in, Lid diameter: 35.5cm / 14in
Place of Origin: Holland
Date: Early 17th century
Maker or Retailer: Unknown
Present Location: Private collection


This fine Dutch warming pan has a turned brass handle and pierced, embossed, chased and punched decoration to the lid. The subject, known as the ‘two spies’, depicts Joshua and Caleb carrying a load of grapes out of Canaan, signifying that it was a green and fruitful land.


Although such biblical subjects are common on so-called ‘alms dishes’ of the 16th and 17th centuries, they are rare on warming pans. The only other recorded example appears to be one in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, depicting Adam & Eve, another common alms dish subject. It has an almost identical handle and is dated 1625.



  • Onno ter Kuile, Koper & Brons;  Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 1986, p. 282 fig. 387

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