Man’s Head Knop Latten Spoon

Material: Copper alloy: latten
Dimensions: Length: 17.1cm / 6 ¾in, Bowl width: 4.9cm / 1 ⅞in
Place of Origin: Unknown
Date: Early 17th century
Maker or Retailer: Maker’s mark: crown over P in a rose
Present Location: Private collection


This rare spoon has a knop in the form of a man’s head, a flat tapering stem and fig-shaped bowl.

The spoon has a maker’s mark in the form of a crowned P in a rose. Another spoon with a larger head knop is known and a fragment, consisting of the head and part of the stem, is illustrated by Hilton Price with a possible attribution to the reign of Charles the First.

The spoon is made of latten, defined by Gentle, Feild & Gentle as ‘brass sheet hand-hammered from cast brass plate’.


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