Marked Brass Chamber Candlestick

Material: Brass
Dimensions: Height: 5.5cm / 2 ⅛in, Overall length: 25cm / 9 ¾in
Place of Origin: France or England
Date: Circa 1690
Maker or Retailer: Maker’s mark: ‘CC’
Present Location: Private collection


This chamberstick is made of a reddish brass alloy. It is cast in three parts; the hour-glass shaped handle is riveted to the pan and the socket is connected to the pan by an extremely flat peaned joint. A maker’s mark, CC, is struck on the handle.

An identical chamberstick with the same mark is illustrated in The Lear Collection, where this mark is reported on a late 17th century standish.


  • Christopher Bangs, The Lear Collection, King’s Hill Publications, Easton, PA, USA, 1995, ISBN 0-9642224-0-X,  pp. 186, 387 no. 185

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