Named and Dated Book Clasp

Material: Copper alloy
Dimensions: Length: 8.4cm / 3 ½in
Place of Origin: Probably England
Date: Dated 1770
Maker or Retailer: Unknown
Present Location: Private collection


This cast copper alloy book clasp is engraved with the names of Jno and Ann Doughty together with York, the date 1770 and a book titled Holy Bible. There are traces of brown leather underneath the two rivets. The length of the clasp would have indicated the approximate thickness of the bible and the clasp would have attached to a hasp to keep the bible closed. John (of Saint Olave parish York) and Ann Kirby (of St Michael Le Belfry parish York) married on the 25th November 1742 and their son Joseph (famous for his spinning wheels) was baptised in 1755 at which time they are recorded as having a Fishing Tackle shop in Minster Yard.


  • Valerie and David Bryant, ‘Joseph Doughty, A York Spinning Wheel Maker’, Regional Furniture, Vol. XXV 2011

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