Silver Form Bullet Teapot

Material: Brass with residual silvering and ebonized pear wood
Dimensions: Height: 12.5cm / 5in, Width: 20.5cm / 8in
Place of Origin: England
Date: 1735 – 1745
Maker or Retailer: Unknown, unmarked
Present Location: Private collection


This teapot is a copy of an English silver bullet teapot, probably provincial, of the period 1730-1735. The inverted pear shaped body stands on a prominent applied foot rim, with a cast and applied spout bearing an acanthus terminal.

The ebonized pear wood handle is probably original, with the upper handle attachment taking a petal form.

The slightly raised cover is detachable, with one vent hole, and the fruitwood component of the finial is a replacement.

Only small patches of the original exterior French plating remain, although silvering is evident to the underside of the foot rim and cover.

The teapot bears no pseudo hallmarks.


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