Noah Bloomfield

Noah Bloomfield was a bell-founder in Ipswich during the 18th century.  He posted an advertisement in the Ipswich Journal on the 29th of October 1763 pointing out that he had purchased the Ram (possibly an existing Inn) on the Common Key at Ipswich, and had refurbished it to make it suitable for entertaining “Gentlemen, Farmers and others”.

It appears that Noah Bloomfield also owns the Iron Foundry that had previously belonged to John Doole, and the Bell Foundry that had previously belonged to William Raymont.

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  1. An earlier Blomefield (sic), who may have been an ancestor, commented on the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Norwich in 1578, according to Cattermole, Paul, in Church Bells and Bell-ringing, A Norfolk Profile, 1990′ p.155. Bronze mortars with portraits of Queen Elizabeth I attributed to Norwich may have been cast to commemorate this visit. See Finlay, Michael, English Decorated Bronze Mortars, plate 158, pp. 88 et. seq.

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