The Journal, Vol. 25, 2020


    • Surpassing Midas: English Cut Steel, 1740-1830. Angus Patterson.
    • Jean Démosthène Dugourc: A Life by Design. Susan R Kinsey.
    • Engineers’ Brasswork: Industrial Folk Art of North-East England 1860-1914. Peter Brears.
    • A Skillet Handle on a Fireback. Jeremy Hodgkinson.
    • Brass Skimmers, Ladles and Slices of the late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries and their Makers’ Marks. Roderick and Valentine Butler, Christopher Green, Neil Bollen.
    • The Liverpool Sailors’ Home. Stephen McKay.
    • Medieval Eating Knives in England. Simon Moore.
    • English Brass Warming Pans. Malcolm Jones.
    • Reflections on a Celtic Mirror from Holcombe, Devon. Nicholas Riall.
    • Some Rare Medieval Spoons. David Moulson.
    • The Brass Eagle Lecterns of England (Marcus van der Meulen). Christopher Green and Roderick Butler.
    • The Art of the Door Knocker (Garry C Scroop). Diana Crawforth-Hitchins and Andrew Crawforth.
    • The Museum and The Factory: The V&A, Elkington and the Electrical Revolution (Alistair Grant and Angus Patterson). Martin Levy.

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