Category: Firebacks

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‘Dutch’ Style Fireback

Material: Cast iron. Dimensions: Width 47.5cm (1ft 6½ in) Height 72cm (2 ft 4 in) Thickness: 3.5cm (1½ in). Place of origin: Ashburnham Furnace, East Sussex, England. Date: 18th to early-19th century (before 1813)....

Memorial Fireback

Material: Cast iron Dimensions: Height: 83cm / 32 ⅝in, Width: 84cm / 33in Place of Origin: Probably Hamsell Furnace, Rotherfield, East Sussex, England Date: Dated 1582 Maker or Retailer: Possibly Robert Baker, ironmaster at Hamsell Furnace. His grave-slab, now...

16th Century Fireback

Material: Cast iron Dimensions: Height: 59.7cm, Width: 144.5cm Place of Origin: East Sussex, England Date: Early to mid-16th century, probably before 1535 Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Anne of Cleves House, 52 Southover High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7...

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