Pair of Joseph Hinks Candlesticks

Material: Brass and iron
Dimensions: Height: 13cm / 5 ⅛in, Base diameter: 12.7cm / 5in
Place of Origin: Birmingham, England
Date: Circa 1890
Maker or Retailer: Joseph Hinks & Son
Present Location: Private collection


This is one of a pair of high quality, decorative candlesticks of sectional construction. The domed and fluted base is stamped sheet brass. The stem is cast on a threaded iron rod, which passes through the base and is secured underneath it by a cast brass nut, stamped with the maker’s name HINKS. The socket, which is fitted with a loose nozzle, is a separate casting, also with a threaded iron rod to connect it to the stem.


The Hinks family was already active in the Birmingham metalwork trades in the first half of the 19th century, trading as James Hinks & Son at 91-96 Great Hampton Street and 66 Hockley Street. The business was taken over in 1839 by Joseph Hinks, the brother of James, and continued in business until the early years of the 20th century. The company was best known for its oil lamps and Joseph Hinks patented various improvements, including the duplex wick. Hand lamps with domed and fluted bases similar to the base of this candlestick are illustrated in a Hinks lamp catalogue published c.1901-1902 (see and its sectional construction also has much in common with coeval oil lamps.




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