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Miniature Candle Holders

Materials: Sheet iron, originally black lacquered. Dimensions: Height 6 cm (2.5 inches); width 2 cm (0.75 inch). Place of Origin: Probably Liverpool or London, UK. Date: Believed 1890 – 1910. Maker/retailer: Price’s Patent Candles...

Automatic Candle Extinguisher

Materials: Steel. Dimensions: N/A. Place of Origin: Britain. Date: 18th century. Maker: Unknown. Present Location: private collection. Explanation: Automatic extinguishers, devices that extinguish a candle at a pre-determined time, are rare survivors. This example...

Candlestick with Candle Gripping Mechanism

Materials: Brass. Dimensions: N/A. Place of Origin: Birmingham, England. Date: c 1785 to 1830. Maker: James or William Harrison. Present Location: private collection. Explanation: Candle gripping mechanisms seem to have captured the imagination of...

French Rococo Candlesticks

Material: Bronze with traces of gilding (ormolu) Dimensions: Height: 25cm / 9⅞ in, Base diameter: 14cm / 5½ in Place of Origin: France Date: 1745 – 1749 Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Private...

French ‘Henri II’ Candlestick

Material: Copper alloy, probably bronze Dimensions: Height: 30cm / 11 ¾ in, Base diameter: 20.4cm / 8in Place of Origin: France Date: Mid-16th century Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Private collection Explanation: This...

Ball-knop Candlestick

Material: Copper alloy Dimensions: Height: 14cm / 5 ½in, Base diameter: 13.7cm / 5 ⅜in, Drip-catcher diameter: 7 cm / 2 ¾in Place of Origin: France Date: Mid-17th century Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present...

French 16th Century Pillar Candlesticks

Material: Copper alloy, probably bronze Dimensions: Height: 15cm / 5 ⅞in, Base diameter: 8.6cm / 3 ⅜in Place of Origin: France Date: Second half of the 16th century Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location:...

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