Tripod Candlestick

Material: Wrought iron
Dimensions: Height: 17cm / 6 ¾in, Width incl. handle: 25.5cm / 10in
Place of Origin: England or Wales
Date: Probably circa 1800
Maker or Retailer: Unknown
Present Location: Private collection


This wrought iron candlestick is most unusual; the only other recorded example of this form appears to be one in the Horsham Museum, West Sussex. The tripod foot enables it to serve as a conventional table candlestick, while the long, spike-like handle, reminiscent of those found on chamber candlesticks, suggests that it may have been intended for a dual role. The handle offered greater stability when the candlestick was being carried and reduced the likelihood of hot wax splashing over the user’s hand. It seems likely that the spike originally held a wooden handle, now lost.

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