Steel or Iron Candlestick

Material: Steel or iron
Dimensions: Height: 24.2cm / 9 ½in
Place of Origin: Birmingham, England
Date: Circa 1775 -1800
Maker or Retailer: Thomas Dowler
Present Location: Private collection


A rare example of a sophisticated steel or iron candlestick made by Dowler of Birmingham. The maker’s name is stamped on the nut which secures the stem underneath the base. The firm also made the more common utilitarian iron candlesticks known as ‘hogscrapers’. Ferrous metals were susceptible to damp conditions and consequently iron or steel candlesticks are relatively rare survivals.

Koldeweij illustrates two pairs of iron candlesticks and one made of iron and brass and Gentle and Feild illustrate an iron example, bur none of them has the decorative detail to the nozzle and base which characterises the present example. It may be that they originally had such detail but it has been lost.


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