Transitional Brass Candlestick

Material: Brass
Dimensions: Height: 16.8cm / 6 ⅝in, Base: 10.5cm / 4 ⅛in, Drip pan diameter: 7.3cm / 2 ⅞in
Place of Origin: Probably England
Date: 1690 – 1730
Maker or Retailer: Unknown
Present Location: Private collection


This candlestick is a highly unusual, ‘transitional’ model. The conventional square, cut-corner base and seamed stem with slide-ejector, associated with the early 18th century, are here combined with a typically 17th century style circular drip-pan, positioned mid-way on the stem.

This candlestick and a very similar, but taller pair (26.8cm / 10 ⅝in) illustrated by Koldeweij, appear to be the only recorded examples of this form.


  • Koldeweij, E.. The English Candlestick 1425 – 1925. London, Christies, 2001, ISBN 0903432587, p.158, cat. 145

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