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Candlestick with Candle Gripping Mechanism

Materials: Brass. Dimensions: N/A. Place of Origin: Birmingham, England. Date: c 1785 to 1830. Maker: James or William Harrison. Present Location: private collection. Explanation: Candle gripping mechanisms seem to have captured the imagination of...

Art Nouveau Key

Materials: Steel. Dimensions: height 16.5 cms. Place of Origin: France. Date: c 1895. Maker: unknown. Present Location: private collection. Explanation: A large key of Art Nouveau design with a complex bit. Decorative keys of...

Key with Confronting Dolphins

Materials: Steel. Dimensions: height 14 cms. Place of Origin: France. Date: Late 18th Century. Maker: Laverne. Present Location: private collection. Explanation: This finely modelled key with its sleeve (which protects the stem when not...

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry

On Friday the 23rd of September 1808, the Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal published the following article about the Whitchapel bell foundry:

George Davis

The estate of the bell founder George Davis in Bridgwater, Somerset, was advertised for sale in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette on the 5th of June 1800.

Edward Arnold

Edward Arnold, a bell founder from Leicester, published an advertisement for old bell-metal in the Northampton Mercury on the 11th of September 1790.

Walker and Hilton

In a newspaper advertisement published in the Derby Mercury on the 19th June 1783, Mr Walker and Mr Hilton announced that they had moved the location of their bell foundry from Wath-Upon-Dearne  about 5...

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