Category: Mortars

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English Mortar

Material: Leaded bronze. Dimensions: Height: 5 5/8″ (14.3cm), Diameter: 6 7/8″ (17.5cm). Place of Origin: England. Date: circa 1550-1600. Maker or Retailer: Unknown. Present Location: Private Collection. Explanation: The simplicity of decoration and the...

Cast Iron Dated Mortar

Material: Cast iron Dimensions: Height: 17. 5cm / 6 ⅞in, Diameter: 19. 9cm / 8in Place of Origin: Northern Europe, probably England Date: 1689 Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Private collection Explanation: This...

Keble Mortar

Material: Leaded bronze Dimensions: Height: 27cm / 10 ¾in, Diameter: 36.6cm / 14 ⅜in Place of Origin: Burford, Oxfordshire, England Date: Dated 1659 Maker or Retailer: Edward Neale, bell-founder Present Location: The Tolsey Museum, Burford, Oxfordshire, England Explanation: This large...

Spanish Mortar

Material: Bronze Dimensions: Height: 12.5cm / 5in, Diameter: 15cm / 5 ⅞in, Width incl. handles: 21cm / 8 ¼in Place of Origin: Southern Spain Date: 15th century Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Private collection Explanation: This Andalusian bronze mortar...

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