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Brass Chain Measure

Material: Brass Dimensions: Length: 45cm / 18in Place of Origin: England Date: Probably first half of the 18th century Maker or Retailer: Probable maker’s mark crowned GH (unidentified) Present Location: Private collection Explanation: This...

Irish Circumferentor

Material: Copper alloy Dimensions: Diameter: 16.4cm / 6 ½in Place of Origin: Dublin, Ireland Date: Dated 1797 Maker or Retailer: Walker, Dublin Present Location: National Museum of Ireland (Collins Barracks, Dublin) Explanation: This device, known as a circumferentor, was used...

The Sandwich Steelyard Weight or Poise

Submitted by, and copyright of, Michael Finlay. Material: See main text Dimensions: Height: 12cm / 4 ¾in Place of Origin: Unknown Date: 14th century Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Sandwich Museum Explanation: Materials (analysis by X-ray spectrometry): Copper:  84.40%...

Half-bushel Measure

Submitted by, and copyright of, Michael Finlay. Material: Bronze Dimensions: Height: / 7 in high, Internal diameter: 36.5cm / 14.25in Place of Origin: UK, precise origin uncertain Date: Dated 1662 Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Private collection Explanation:...

Irish Harvester measure

Material: Copper Dimensions: Height: 22.9cm / 9in, Base diameter: 17.1cm / 6 ¾in Place of Origin: Cork, Ireland Date: Late 18th century Maker or Retailer: Unknown Present Location: Private collection Explanation: This rare copper sheet haystack measure was made in...

Pair of 16th Century Nesting Weights

Material: Brass (Cu 82-85%, Zn 11-15%, Pb 1.5-3%) Dimensions: 1. Dia at lid 5.0cm, height to rim 3.0cm. 2. Dia at lid 4.0cm, height to rim 2.2cm Place of Origin: Believed to be Nuremburg Date: 1545 – 1560...

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